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Does the context of John 20:28 support a belief in Jesus as God?

As far as contextual counter-arguments go, the Unitarians have not left John 20:28 to purely grammatical speculation but have also offered accounts as to why the context favours their interpretation. These interpretations of the text rightly look to place it within the context that it is found and to do justice to the preceding narrative. This post is the first of an intended two posts that will look at a small number of the contextual issues involved in the interpretation of John 20:28.
In this post the 7-8 day timeline of the post resurrection appearances leading up to the appearance to Thomas will be looked at. It will be shown that these 7-8 days contained revelation about who Jesus is along with the time needed for Thomas to process that information before concluding Jesus to be God. Jesus pre and post-resurrection words will also be briefly mentioned showing that a Trinitarian understanding of Thomas’ words are possible.