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This blog is designed to be a place to post my thoughts / investigations into Christian theology as a layman in these areas.

I make no pretensions as to having an advanced education, and despite the large number of posts referencing Greek Grammar, nor do I claim to have been taught Greek at all. The thoughts that are posted here are the thoughts of a layman who has sought to understand the issues, and to investigate the claims that are made with the resources accessed outside the context of a university (due to Logos Bible Software and of course Amazon, this currently means that I have access to nearly 7,500 texts from which to draw these studies). As such, I hope that any comments that are left will serve to edify me as much as I hope that my thoughts may edify others to whatever degree.

Having developed an interest in Christology (the study of Christ), I was confronted with a number of claims as to what the grammar of John 20:28 indicates. Some of these claims were mutually contradictory and often with little supporting reference as to why one view should be accepted over another. Due to my lack of training in Greek I sought to read and understand the grammatical issues behind each authors views as best as I could. This investigation started small and eventually has led to an ongoing and increasingy large project – a project that will undoubtably be the main focus of this site.


I hope that this site will be as much help to the Christian faith of others as the study that has gone into the posts has been a help to me.


In Christ,




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